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Rock Pathway Project: Final Progress and Completion

With wood beams varnished and installed within the pathway, it was then time to transfer rocks from a large rock pile onto the pathway as nicely and organized as possible. My students had a grand time and didn’t mind breaking a sweat loading buckets full of rocks and then dumping them onto the soon-to-be rock and wood pathway.

Giving a helping hand amid overseeing project

Giving a helping hand amid overseeing the project

20141029_10431520141029_110509(0)20141029_104404My small bunch of hard-working students worked overtime to get these rocks unloaded onto the pathway, and when it was time to take a break for lunch, many student volunteers arrived to take their place and continue on. Their help proved to be vital, and my art team and I were in debt to their labor. However, by everyone’s joyful demeanor, it didn’t appear to be labor to them, but rather a fun group experience.

Student Volunteers!

Student Volunteers!

20141030_123821Once all small rocks were unloaded, the next day I set out to use the previously installed mountain rocks and align them along the pathway border in order to give a more aesthetically congealed organic look, but to also help keep the small rocks from being kicked out of the pathway.

My original "organic" idea

My original “organic” idea

Unfortunately, while my school’s administration liked how it looked, they had some reservations about it and decided that the rockway would be better secured outlined with brick. I said sure, but mentioned that it would cost more to get bricks ordered and delivered. The principal then pointed up to the hill behind my school and explained in Korean that the school had piles of used bricks ready for use. He’s “the man”, so what could I say? I positively concurred and the following week a large group of student volunteers assisted my art team in hauling down bricks from the hill.

Brick assembly line

Brick assembly line

I had some minor reservations about using brick, but once they began to be installed, it all started to come together nicely. My school’s social workers and bus driver assisted with installing the brick since my students became quite busy and the fact that it had gotten cold. As with every project that I’ve been able to oversee at Wallgot Elementary School, volunteers have proved to be extremely vital in helping to ease the demand of labor that is involved amid such large undertakings as this.

Project Completion

Project Completion

The “Rainbow Archway” and its pathway are finally complete. Whoo-hoo! My art students, student volunteers, and school staff all came together to complete such an awesome project, and I hope they remember it the rest of their lives.

I know I will.


One comment on “Rock Pathway Project: Final Progress and Completion

  1. Glennda Hardin
    November 21, 2014

    It’s beautiful, Paul. Those kids are so lucky to have you!

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