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Map of koreaNot long ago, Michelle and I headed south to Suncheon, South Korea. And while it was gray and gloomy in Seoul, the weather in Suncheon was absolutely perfect; we couldn’t have been more pleased. My first impression of Suncheon was very positive.  With some interesting places to hang out at, and the fact that there were tons of persimmons everywhere, my nickname for Suncheon soon became “Persimmon City.”


Persimmon City


“Radish Bombs”


Cafe Rabbit "Date Room"

Cafe Rabbit “Date Room”


You might say, why Suncheon? Well, Michelle and I wished to do some couple self-photography, so I brought my DSLR and newly purchased tripod, and then we both found that Suncheon was a new cool place to go. And despite being “invaded” by hoards to tourists amid taking photos on several occasions, we managed to locate some cool places to snap some decent photos and had a fun time with the camera-timer.

I’ve included a large sample of the photos that came out well. A few of these I really really like. To those who have not visited Suncheon yet, I’d definitely recommend a day-trip there. You will not be disappointed.

CSC_0615 CSC_0623 CSC_0625 CSC_0627 CSC_0629 CSC_0632 CSC_0634 CSC_0636 CSC_0638 CSC_0640 CSC_0642 CSC_0644 CSC_0645 CSC_0646 CSC_0648 CSC_0654 CSC_0655 CSC_0658 CSC_0659 CSC_0662 CSC_0663 CSC_0664 CSC_0666 CSC_0667 CSC_0668 CSC_0669 CSC_0671 CSC_0673 CSC_0675 CSC_0677 CSC_0678

Goodbye, Suncheon. Until next time…



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