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Kirra Beach Interlude

(1) Born to ChillAfter locking up our luggage at Gold Coast airport, we had about 6 hours left to chill and decided to take a stroll to the nearest populated area: Kirra Beach. During the taxi ride to the airport, I had spotted a distinct Cuban food restaurant in the middle of a mini-mall near the beach, and I had a good idea on where it would be. However, it wasn’t pertinent that we find the place quickly as we simply wanted to take a relaxing walk around town and enjoy a short interlude before heading back to South Korea and yearning for those cool ocean breezes again.

The sweater-jacket I wish i had bought

The sweater-jacket I wish i had bought

(4) Lord St., Australia

After passing Lord St., I knew we were close to the Cuban restaurant as I had recognized some of the buildings, and not before long we had found it. CHE CHE CHICKEN!!! I have such a fascination with Cuban history and the persons associated with it, and of course, it was quite a random and glorious surprise for a unique Cuban restaurant to be in such a small beach town. I was ecstatic.

(7) Che Che Chicken - Kirra Beach, Australia(2) Che Che Chicken Logo, Australia(8) Inside Che Che Chicken(9) Cuban car painting(10) Inside Che Che Chicken

Cuban Spiced-Chicken Wrap. I'm beginning to salivate already. Good!

Cuban Spiced-Chicken Wrap. I’m beginning to salivate already. So good!

Not only was the place cool, but the food was the best food I had during our entire trip in Australia. Michelle and I both ordered the Cuban Spiced Chicken Wraps with Cuban rice, and they were sooooo delicious that I had to order another one. Amid our tasty meal I chatted with the owners in Spanish for awhile, and it was a great delight to use Spanish again. I had spent several years in university and in Spain to perfect Spanish as much as I could, so it’s always nice to be able to practice with fluent speakers, which are hard to come by in South Korea. I can still remember how wonderful the food tasted and my mouth still waters for more. This later prompted me to locate a Cuban restaurant in Seoul, but it wasn’t nearly as good as CHE CHE CHICKEN. Until next time, I suppose.

Michelle looks out into the ocean for the last time

Michelle looks out into the ocean for the last time

Gold Coast city in the distance

Gold Coast city in the distance

Unlike South Korea, cafes in Australia, especially the not-so-populated areas, close quite early. The cafe Michelle and I chose to relax at closed at 4pm, and so we decided to spend the next hour or so walking around Kirra Beach and enjoying the ocean views, especially that of Gold Coast in the distance, which looked like a small silhouette. There was hardly anyone around, and it was as if we were walking through a phantom city, similar to that of Brisbane at nighttime. Nevertheless, as always we enjoyed the peace and sounds of the oceans breezes under the warm sun.

Neck pillow hat

Neck pillow hat

When we reached the edge of the Kirra Beach with no where else to turn except back to the airport, we headed back to get our luggage and soon departed back to South Korea. Our trip to Australia was a success and we had a grand time in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane, Byron Bay, and our short interlude in Kirra Beach. Australia would definitely be a place I’d consider visiting again. Until next time…

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