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Byron Bay

After a 2-hour bus ride south from Brisbane, we arrived to Byron Bay accompanied with spectacular weather. Upon reaching our set hostel, which was along the beach and about a kilometer from downtown Byron Bay, I immediately expressed to Michelle that I desired that we take a walk along the shore to downtown Byron Bay and grab some lunch. She concurred, but not before she could reminiscence her childhood and her love for swings.

(1) Michelle swing

The sky was as blue as it could be and the awesome assortment of clouds made it all the more special and unique. Michelle and I couldn’t have asked for a better day to walk along the bay shoreline. Although I did not go surfing, Byron Bay was the epitome of “The Endless Summer,” one of my favorite classic movies from 1964.

(2) Michelle arms out(4) Endless Summer

We had fun snapping photos while walking the bay and I learned that Michelle does not like the ocean very much and cannot imagine herself ever swimming in it. Having grown up super close to beach until I was 20, and also having a grand affinity for the ocean, I’m hoping her sentiment will evolve amid taking more trips to the beach and perhaps attempt to go swimming someday. In due time I hope…

(3) Sand Silhouette

(10) Michelle on sand

AHHH! Michelle running from the water

AHHH! Michelle running from the water

(9) Michelle's windy scarfWe were quite hungry upon reaching downtown Byron Bay, and Michelle had mentioned that she had researched a place where we could eat Portuguese-style chicken sandwiches. Whoa! She didn’t have to say another word, my mouth was already salivating.

(5) Beloporto Burger Bar sign(6) Beloporto Burger Bar(8) Beloporto Portuguese Chicken BurgersBeloporto Burger Bar was a little tricky to find, but I’d highly recommend visiting and trying one of their burgers or Portuguese-style chicken sandwiches. My bacon & pineapple chili-spiced-chicken sandwich was absolutely delicious, and I was very tempted to eat another, but I knew that pacing myself would be the smart thing to do.

After taking a stroll around downtown in order to check it out and get a better feel for it, we headed back to the hostel by way of the calm shoreline and enjoyed the wonderful sunset horizon. There was hardly anyone around and the serene sky reminded me of what heaven must be like.

(13) Sun Shining horizon, Byron Bay(14) Beach at Dusk

Upon reaching the hostel, Michelle and I cooked up a scrumptious cous-cous dinner amid watching many other travelers cook a variety of specialty dinners in the social kitchen. Later in the evening Michelle and I headed to the Tree House Restaurant that was next to our hostel and sipped on a super delicious Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and relaxed in peace. We comfortably chatted for quite awhile and I honestly felt right at home.

(32) Tree House Restaurant

Inside TreeHouse

Inside TreeHouse

It was then nearly 11pm when Michelle and I left the restaurant and walked to the beach. No one was around and we sat on a bench looking up to view all the stars in the sky. It had been quite some time since I had seen so many stars. I was in complete awe. For me, the numerous stars in the sky are a strong reminder of God and his Word, and ever since I’ve been living in the big city these recent years, I had not seen such an abundant amount at one time. Looking up at the stars with Michelle was one of my favorite moments of this trip, it really was, and even though we spent about 20-30 minutes gazing into the stars and chatting about our life and dreams, the time under the stars felt like it went by way too fast, and I had a longing to view into them again not long after walking back to the hostel.

The next morning Michelle and I walked to downtown and stumbled upon a cafe-restaurant called Merlo Coffee. Michelle prompted that we visit there as she was familiar with it. I concurred without question and we soon shared a fantastic french toast breakfast.

(16) Merlo Coffee

(17) Merlo Coffee French Toast

After French toast, we were quite energized and set off to the Byron Bay Lighthouse, which ended up being being much farther than I expected. Nevertheless, Michelle and I utilized the hike to cheer our time in Byron Bay.

(19) Scarf fun(20) Focusing for the first kiss(22) Michelle taking in the sun(24) Michelle's whoa moment(25) Michelle's arms out

There was also a funny moment amid our way up to the lighthouse. There were many wild turkeys running around and a guy dropped the only bag of his girlfriend’s french chocolate on the ground and a turkey immediately snatched it and trotted off. Of course, the guy chased the turkey into the bushes, but came back empty-handed and with several scrapes on his arms from the tough mountain brush.

(29) Michelle, Phone, and lighthouse(30) Michelle and lighthouse(27) Distant Horizon II

The lighthouse was cool and the view was sublime. There was nothing on the water as far as the eye could see, and I sat looking out into the distance for several minutes in peace.  Then, all the sudden, clouds roared in…

(28) Clounds roaring inWith the smell of rain in the air, Michelle and I hopped into a taxi and headed back to downtown where we would grab some dinner and relax. And with it being our last full evening in Australia before boarding a plane back to South Korea the following night, we rested and chatted at the hostel about some of the cool experiences we had during our trip and ideas for the future.

Byron Bay was the grand highlight of my time in Australia, and while it was the last place we had planned to spend time at, our last day in Australia involved some more surprises. Stay tuned.


One comment on “Byron Bay

  1. Gavin
    September 4, 2014

    Belongil is awesome — guessing you stayed at the Beach Resort…?

    Was just looking to plan a trip back to Byron to stay there. Sitting in Busan and this update came through — small world.

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