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The Comforts of Spring

(1) Seonyudo Park sign(8) Looking up through the trees

(9) Spring flowers(1) Wine and Sushi(2) Michelle and food

Sushi, red wine, balmy weather, and a serene park were synchronously unified to provide Michelle and I with a great, relaxing afternoon picnic.

(5) Michelle and I(7) Michelle and I close-up(3) Preliminary Ring(4) DandalionsSpringtime in Seoul is definitely not a time to waste. The days are a often quite beautiful and carefree, but limited and time-bound. Every day is a gift from God, but days like this in the middle of spring are exceptionally special and worth cherishing every moment surrounded by blooming flowers under the warm sun and pristine azure sky. These are the last days to enjoy the comforts of spring with friends and love ones before summer unleashes its fury. Tomorrow is not a promise, so make the most of today.

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