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Sweet as Spring

North Yeoido Area

South Yeoido Area

(17) Close-up Cherry Blossoms

Spring is a time of rebirth and it came with a glorious boom. It was the first time since 1922 that Korea’s innumerable cherry blossom trees bloomed in March, several weeks earlier than expected. It’s definitely a time to relax and be outside, especially before the anvil of heat falls for what I foresee as a very hot summer.

This cat has the right idea :)

This cat has the right idea 🙂

It’s Spring, therefore, Michelle and I have taken advantage of the pleasant weather and ventured to several areas surrounding Seoul, such as Gwacheon, Buam-dong, and Jukjeon, and even had a fortuitous afternoon a few weeks ago in Yeoido during the first sunny day after the cherry blossoms had bloomed. Spring always reminds me of the changing seasons and how our time is so very limited and that moments together with loved ones need to be cherished rather than taken for granted. Each day is a gift of God and almost nothing on Earth is quite as sweet as Spring after bearing a lugubrious, cold winter.

Buam-dong & Yeoido:

(2) Petting fat cat(7) Art for Life

(4) Coffee, tea, beverage cans

(5) Chocolate pies(19) Michelle and Cherry Blossoms(15) Michelle Reaching for Cherry Blossoms(20) Michelle and I goofing around(21) The touchMichelle and IMichelle and I - 2

(16) Seoul City Horizon at sunset

Gwacheon Area:

(1) Gwachon People Mover(2) Hanging Feet(3) Hanging Feet 2(4) Michelle at Gwachon Museum(6) Flowers in Old TV(8) Korean Flower(12) Orange Flowers(11) Flowers in Old Shoes(10) Michelle under plant arch(9) Inside Gwachon Botanical Garden(13) Caressing Shoes

Sunday afternoon Spring cooking: BURGERS! :)))

(14) Cooking burgers

Spring is also a good time to act like goofballs… may it continue to be ever so joyful…



One comment on “Sweet as Spring

  1. Fern
    April 14, 2014

    Qué guay!!

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