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One Year Anniversary

Nearly two and half years ago amid traversing almost the entire country of India with my cousin Mark, I pondered throughout the entire trip if true love would ever find me. I craved it. And while I somewhat openly admitted this in my blog and conversations with Mark, I was not quite ready just yet. I lived and had a mindset of a wandering traveler, and was eagerly attempting to experience and understand as much of the world as I could, but I was also in a state of emotional conflict. A part of me realized that while I had experienced and enjoyed traveling Europe, North Africa, North & Central America, and then Asia, and had met numerous friends along the way, some closer than others, I really had no one I could connect with on an deeply personal and intimate level. No one to share my innermost thoughts with and no one to hug anytime I felt like I needed one. No one to kiss goodnight. No one.

While I held my cool for years and years, I finally realized during a trip to Japan alone about eighteen months ago that I did not want to be alone anymore; that I seeked an enchanting, loving woman that I would like to share my life with and her with me. Most of you know the story, but nearly six months later I reunited with Michelle in Busan simply as friends, which is where we had first met during a mini-vacation I took to Busan three years ago after having just spent a few months in Korea. And so during a very comfortable and personal conversation in Coffeesmith in the middle of Busan one year ago, my heart was joyfully stirred. I realized that I wanted to be with her and that I sincerely knew it could work. Thus, I took a leap of faith and hinted that I really liked her. The rest, as they say, is history…

My first year with Michelle has been the best year of my life. It has been like a dream that has not ended and will hopefully never end. We strive to get married in due time, and with endeavoring to have God be the true foundation of our hearts at all times, we can be assured that our dream together will never end despite any tough times that we may encounter. During our first year we found joy in getting to know each another deeply, spending time together, traveling, and falling more and more in love. However, in doing this, we also hit a few bumps along the way and were almost derailed at one point, but we reconciled our misunderstandings, forgave each other, and became stronger in the process. It was through these few relational hardships that we were able to strengthen our love and understand each other much more. While any hardship is not exactly fun and can be bit disheartening, I find them a blessing in a way as simply giving an opportunity to put everything on the table and discuss it all in love. We deeply love each other, and day-by-day are also learning to love God more and more, and so, if God wills it, He will grant the blessing of marriage in His time, and it will be up to us to live rightly and share God’s everlasting love with others.

The Green Table and wineThe Green Table

For our one year anniversary, we headed to THE GREEN TABLE, a cozy French Restaurant & Bistro on the outskirts of the “French Village” in Seoul. It was here we spent several hours sipping wine, enjoying succulent food, and cheerfully endearing one another. It was quite pleasant and a very relaxing one year anniversary celebration.Two wine glasses - One Year cheers

The Green Table cool light cover

Trying some white port wine with dessert

Looking tough with some white port wine

I delightfully look forward to our 2nd year anniversary, and who knows, it’s possible we may be married by then. I love you, Michelle!!!

My loving 'goofball'

My beautiful and loving ‘goofball’

2 comments on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Dennis Odell
    January 27, 2014

    Cool! ….all the best to both of you!

  2. Glennda Hardin
    January 28, 2014

    Congratulations, Paul–great to hear!

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