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The Colors of Winter

Abruptly awakened by thunder and lightning that was occurring nearby, I realized it was still a bit too early to get up and ready myself for work. However, after subsequent flashes and more roaring bursts of thunder, I couldn’t resist my restless fascination and I eventually got up to open a window and attempt to catch a glimpse of the storm. I soon realized that it was not what I had perceived as a thunderstorm, but in fact our first real snow storm of the winter season. A considerable layer of snow was already on the ground and the first thoughts that came to mind was that I was amazed that it was snowing, and that I also figured it would take me hours to get to work, something of which I hoped to avoid.

Snow Street - Gimpo, South Korea

Snow Street – Gimpo, South Korea

After quickly showering and packing a breakfast snack, I headed out at a little earlier than I usually do on a Wednesday and swiftly walked in the snow towards the bus stop in hopes to beat the crowds and jam-packed snow-traffic that has unfortunately occurred after the first snow storm during my last 3 years here. Hardly anyone was around. As soon as I arrived to the bus stop at around 6:30am, the bus was arriving and I rushed to it almost slipping in the middle of the street – black ice can be a killer. I grabbed a seat and let out a sigh of relief knowing that I would not be reliving a nightmare I’ve experienced various times. 75 minutes later (30 minutes longer than usual), I arrived to Wolgot and was happy that the first trip in snow this season was relatively painless. Again, in Wolgot, hardly anyone was around.

Winter Horizon - Wolgot, South Korea

Winter Horizon – Wolgot, South Korea ar

I was expecting to see students and teachers like I always do when I arrive early in the morning, but it was like a ghost town.

Snow covered Ground - Wolgot Elementary School

Snow covered Ground – Wolgot Elementary School

Snow staircase -

Snow staircase – Wolgot Elementary

Snow covered trees and Blue Sky - Wolgot, South Korea

Snow covered trees and Blue Sky – Wolgot, South Korea

With it being early and nothing too pressing to complete, I meandered around the school enjoying the new aesthetic that nature had given. While I adamantly dislike frigid and lugubrious days, I enjoy the colors of winter after a storm – the freshly fallen snow which brings contrast and depth to naked trees that had suffered the wrath of autumn, and topaz-colored skies that appear shortly after a storm and only briefly remain. Winter days like this are such a delight, and if it wasn’t for the cold, it would certainly be close to what heaven must be like. However, to my students, no matter how cold it is, snow brings pure happiness.

Students in the snow

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