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Nine Months

Nine Month Photo Collage Gift

Nine Month Photo Collage Gift

Nine months together. Wow, time surely flies! How wonderful it all has been!

With no intention to boast, every three months I make an effort to surprise Michelle with a special, thoughful gift in celebration of continuing to mature as a loving couple. Thus, for our 9-month anniversary, an artsy framed photo collage is what I decided on. It was an idea that I had on my mind for quite some time, and with Michelle having just moved into her own place in Seoul, a gift like this seemed very fitting. She loved it!

A few weeks ago I started carefully looking through over a thousand photos among the hundreds on my phone and the multitude of albums stored on my computer that span the last nine months we’ve been together. As I gazed into each photo, the memories of so many wonderful moments surged to my mind and I spent several evenings delightfully reminiscing amid trying to choose great photos that would reflect our loving relationship and the many adventures we’ve shared together.  I then quickly realized that this collage project would be much harder than I anticipated.

With the frame allowing for only eight photos and having chosen about one hundred that I really liked from over 1000+ photos, I realized that I had to seriously narrow down my choices. Thus, after some careful deliberation, I narrowed it down to 35 photos and then sent them all to my friend Jin, who would then email them to a Korean photo printing firm.

When the photos arrived days later, I spent an evening attempting a multitude of 8-photo combinations until I finally found the most favorable reflection of our last nine months together. Each and every photo has a story and a sense of meaning. Thus, with so many good photos I would like to include, it was very difficult to pick and choose. However, with the remaining 27 photos, I simply arranged them inside a small photo album that accompanied the collage. It’s completely understandable that Michelle may be more attached to a few photos that were not included in the collage, and she may easily swap one at any time if she so chooses.

It has been the most wonderful nine months of my life and I look forward to the next nine. Thank you, Michelle. Love ya, baby!

One comment on “Nine Months

  1. Fern
    October 27, 2013

    Just wonderful, buddy!

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