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Seogwipo Chronicles – Part 2

Clock ticking at Cafe 60 Beans

There wasn’t any time to lose; well, in fact… there was.

The following morning I woke up at 9:00am with the hostel nearly vacated of travelers. The Korean friends I made the night before had surprisingly left without a trace. I would have liked to say farewell, but that’s just ‘hostel travel.’ So, feeling well-rested and with no exact plans on the table except for awaiting Michelle’s arrival in the evening, I ate breakfast and simply decided to take a walk around Seogwipo’s city neighborhoods for a few hours.

In whatever city I stay or visit, it’s almost customary for me to take strolls around town, primarily in un-touristed areas in order to get a better feel of how it must be to live in that particular place. Seogwipo was no different. I ventured through areas of town that probably hardly see foreigners and spotted some cool wall art, in addition to some local cafes and restaurants that would be cool to spend time at.

Artsy House - Seogwipo

Artsy House – Seogwipo

Home address art - Seogwipo

Home address art – Seogwipo

Cafe by MOON - Seogwipo

Cafe by MOON – Seogwipo

The climate was favorable, but it became quite hot as the day progressed. By the time I returned to the hostel, I was soaked in sweat and quite fatigued. After eating lunch, I felt the need to rest the afternoon away until Michelle’s arrival. Therefore, I double-backed to a friendly-looking, artsy cafe called “Cafe by MOON” that was tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with the plan to relax and write letters to several friends and family members abroad.

His and her glasses - Cafe by MOON

His and her glasses – Cafe by MOON

Painting inside Cafe by MOON

Painting inside Cafe by MOON

Sign inside Cafe by MOON

Sign inside Cafe by MOON

I spent several hours writing and relaxing in this quaint, amiable cafe; it was just what I needed.

It was nearly 6pm when Michelle had arrived. Without having eaten hardly anything all day, she was quite hungry and honestly couldn’t wait for the hostel BBQ at 7pm, so we chowed down on some instant ramen at a convenience store down the street, which served to hold us over until it was time for the black pig BBQ.

The black pig was fabulous yet again, but our dinner-table conversation was not. I had said a few things that frustrated Michelle, and Michelle had said some things that frustrated me, and then the most serious heart-wrenching discussion ensued all evening. Is this really happening in Jeju, I thought. The timing was terrible… or was it? Amid the dingy night with only the sounds of sea breezes and our whispers floating in the hostel lobby, we shared and resolved issues that had plagued our hearts, and in doing so, it shed light on various personality characteristics that we could not entirely identify and discern before, but now can. Despite it being very tough for us, we got through it all and learned much more from one another, which has strengthened our relational foundation.

The next morning felt like a new beginning. I woke up and gave Michelle the biggest hug, one that I still remember now. She hugged me right back.

After a late breakfast, Michelle and I took a twenty-minute walk to a nearby waterfall that was absolutely fabulous.

(37) Jeju Waterfall

Feeling quite jubilant, Michelle then gave someone else a hug. Should I be jealous?

Hugging Jeju Statue

Hugging Jeju Statue

Michelle and Jeju statues

Michelle and Jeju statues

After the waterfall, Michelle and I were in the mood for some coffee and a snack, so I offered the idea of going to “Cafe by MOON” in order to try the “Oreo Bingsu,” which was something that caught my eye during my first visit. Michelle was game.

Oreo and Cereal Bingsu - Cafe by MOON

Oreo and Cereal Bingsu – Cafe by MOON

While looking much bigger than it actually appears in the photo, we were only able to eat about 50% of it. However, it was quite scrumptious and it makes my mouth water thinking about it now. I’ll definitely return next time with the game-plan of skipping breakfast so that I can eat my fair share of this great-tasting breakfast treat without hassle or guilt.

Stuffed with bingsu, we then found our way back to the center of town, and then took a bus to Jungmun Beach (14km away) with the plan to check out the beach, visit the glass museum, and a few other attractions that were laced around the area. First stop: Yeomiji Botanical Garden.

(40) Giant Greenhouse - SeogwipoWhile I was not entirely impressed with the outdoor gardens, this gigantic greenhouse was pretty cool and worth the visit. There were many varieties of exotic fruits that were being grown here and it was interesting to see and learn about them.

Next stop: Coconuts & Jungmun Beach



We then walked down the hill towards Jungmun Beach and I was delighted to find a coconut dealer. Coconut milk surely hit the spot amid the heat. We then visited Jungmun Beach, but didn’t stay very long. Jungmun Beach looked drab and unappealing, so we left almost immediately.

Next stop: Lunch

Sea Urchin and Seaweed soup. Quite good!

Sea Urchin and Seaweed soup. Quite good!

Yes, this is “weed soup.” However, I actually really liked this and would get it again anytime. Yum! Yum!

Next stop: Jeju Glass Museum

Michelle had already booked for us to visit the Jeju Glass Museum, and so I couldn’t object. However, I’m very glad I did not object to going, as I soon realized that it was a pleasantly odd place to visit. Heh heh.

Glass Horse at the Glass Museum - Seogwipo

Glass Horse at the Glass Museum – Seogwipo

Glass museum grounds

Glass museum grounds – All objects you see are made of glass

Michelle and I had a chance to blow glass and then make some glass candles.

Glass blowing at the Glass Museum - Seogwipo

Glass blowing at the Glass Museum – Seogwipo

Making candles at glass museum

Making candles at glass museum

Glass candles

Glass candles

The only downside is that the glass museum is essentially in the middle of nowhere, but worth the visit if you really like an abundance of weird glass objects. It’s certainly a unique place – You can even get lost and/or stuck in a glass maze.

Glass museum maze

Glass museum maze

Next Stop: Antique Museum

Old Movie Posters - Antique Museum - Seogwipo

Old Movie Posters – Antique Museum – Seogwipo

I can’t even exactly tell you what this place was, except that it was in the basement or something at Seogwipo’s World Cup Stadium. There was a bunch of random Korean memorabilia from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, in addition to a room full of old, dusty records. Michelle had a good time marveling at many old artifacts from her childhood, while I had fun searching through what seemed like a treasure chest full of records. My father would have a field day here, heh heh.

Album photoAfter this antique museum, we then headed back to Seogwipo to relax the rest of evening in waiting for the next delightful day that would bring us much joy. Stay tuned…


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