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Café Farmer

Pretty sky in Gimpo, South Korea

Pretty sky in Gimpo, South Korea

The weather in South Korea was tranquil and friendly for an evening, providing a much needed break from the lugubrious monsoon rains that had wreaked havoc on my mental and emotional disposition. Over two weeks had elapsed since I had last seen the sun and blue sky, and it was a great joy spending Friday evening relaxing on my apartment rooftop eating kimbab, sipping an ice-cold beer, and enjoying the ethereal view.

Unfortunately, the muggy rains returned the following morning and continue on now, but that didn’t stop Michelle and I from finding a relaxing afternoon refuge to help us soothe our body and mind, and also escape the balmy weather. Café Farmer was our spot.

Café Farmer - Sinsa-dong, Seoul

Café Farmer – Sinsa-dong, Seoul

Seoul is abounding with nooks and crannies, and amid them are a plethora of interesting and pleasurable places to be discovered if one is willing to go the extra mile and explore. Café Farmer was what Michelle and I had happily come across while venturing away from the crowded Garosugil area in Sinsa-dong. And while the café’s exterior appearance didn’t seem much different than many of the other cafes in and around Seoul, the interior was a delightful surprise.

Café Farmer Interior

Patrons relaxing inside Café Farmer

Café Farmer Interior Photo 2

Café Farmer Interior Photo 2

Wow! This café was filled with a variety of hanging hammock-style chairs that patrons could relax and lay in while sipping their coffee, tea, juice, or beer. This café immediately reminded me of México and Hawaii, and after ordering some tea, I immediately relaxed in one of the hammock-chairs. I was initially worried that the chair couldn’t hold my weight, but all appeared to be super sturdy. What an interesting and fun theme for a cafe!

Just abut knocked out in Café Farmer

Just about knocked out in Café Farmer

I seue yo

I see you

Michelle also relaxed and even fell asleep for a little bit.

Café Farmer Menu and Michelle

Café Farmer Menu and Michelle

Michelle passed out

Michelle passed out

Don’t let the name fool you, Café Farmer is definitely a fun, cozy place to take a break from the big city and simply relax. As it’s situated on a side street away from any congregated areas and major roadways, the cafe remains fairly quiet and is easily accessible. Here are directions below if you are interested.

Directions:  Sinsa Station Exit 8 Take a right at Garosugil Then...

Directions: Find the red arrows.
Sinsa Station Exit 8
Take a left at Garosugil
Make a right on the 4th street and go straight until you reach a GS25 and then make a left and go straight for almost two blocks. It will be on your right.


2 comments on “Café Farmer

  1. info
    May 29, 2014

    I went here today with a friend…. Its gone. May 29 2014. It is now milestone coffee roasters. We are disapointed and we tried all day to find it. I reccomend you add this info. Thanks.

    • info
      June 3, 2014

      Yep… I used to live here in Seoul when I was a student 10 years ago at Yonsei. I tried to show a friend around here now that I am stationed in Korea (joining the military was the only way I could come back). Everything was like a brand new city to me. The booming economy has really shown growth at an astronomic rate. I kind of like the change, it gives me a refreshing look at what metaphorically appears to be a city I have yet to experience. I just have to let my obsolete memories go.

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