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2013 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Progress

Just like last year, this milk carton project has also been a great mix of successes and dilemmas. The successes are that this project is about 60-65% done and it’s starting to take decent form. In addition, about 30-40% of the work had been lifted off of me from the start due to consistent help from my art students, and recent random class recruitments that have handled the “dirty work,” which is making this large project doable and allowing a strong promise of finishing on time. The dilemmas, well, not sure if I would call them dilemmas, but I made mistakes in figuring out how to create the guitar body in an efficient way, and I’m still figuring it out with the finite amount of milk cartons I have left. These mistakes ultimately fostered a cool way of creating the guitar body top/face, but at the cost of much effort and time. However, I feel it was the most feasible way, so perhaps it wasn’t a dilemma after all. The major issue is that I’ve made this guitar too big and I’m almost certain I will not have enough cartons to line the sides. This has me troubled, but I’m pondering purchasing light-brown construction paper to line the sides that could make a cool, aesthetic contrast with the guitar face. Either way, I’m confident it will end up a success. We have only one more week to complete it, so I’m in a bit of a rush to get this done amid the duties of work and life. Wish us luck…

Below are photos of our progress:

Making guitar neck

Making guitar neck

My first attempt at framing

My first attempt at framing

Recruiting 4th graders

Recruiting 4th graders

4th graders' assembly line

4th graders’ assembly line

Recruiting 6th grade afterschool class

Recruiting 6th grade afterschool class

Looking pretty good. Making progress...

Guitar body top/face. Looking pretty good.
Making progress…

About 60% done and only one more week to go. Wish us luck…

2 comments on “2013 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Progress

  1. Brandy
    July 19, 2013

    Good luck!!!

  2. Fern
    July 22, 2013

    Holy Cow!!! This is just AWESOME!!

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