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The Day Between Storms

Now, I could metaphorically emphasize this blog title to coincide with personal storms, but I really don’t have many storms to speak of at the moment, just light drizzles from time to time that come and go amid daily routines. However, literally speaking, I wish to evince to you all my day between storms while I currently sip delicious port wine, nibble on dark chocolate, and listen to beatific trance tunes by John Digweed.

Bike Path along the Han River

Bike Path along the Han River

It’s the beginning of the monsoon season and South Korea has been taking a beating from semi-heavy rains and lugubrious weather for awhile. Fortunately, this beautiful day surprisingly emerged from out of the blue, blessing all who wished to take part in relishing a day without storms. It was Spring revisited. The sun was vibrant, yet not overbearing. Sea breezes were brisk and bounteous. Dragonflies abounded. And storm clouds seemingly rested at a distance giving Seoulites a time to catch their breath, or literally lose their breath amid exercising in some form and fashion outside. As soon as I arrived home from work, I choose to go for a semi-long bike ride from Gimpo to Hapjeong using the bike path along the Han River, which runs through the middle of Seoul.

Bikers along the Han River

Bikers along the Han River

There were hoards of bicyclists, but I didn’t pay much mind to them as I rode utterly hypnotized by the wonder of the gracious weather, and the blue sky, which I felt I had not seen in months. I was in a trance and the light of the sun was my fuel in propelling me to pedal hard and fast alongside the river. I dashed without looking back and merely marveled at the magnificent landscape and horizon that laid ahead.

Sunset on the Han River

Sunset on the Han River

Upon reaching Hapjeong, the sun was setting fast and I figured I did not want to ride most of the way back home in the dark, so I hustled back on the bike path immediately. The climate was so enchanting and pleasing amid the return home that I was genuinely reminded of the dream-like ride I once had along the Rio Tejo in Lisbon many years ago during a time of sheer freedom and liberation from burden. Yesterday’s sunset was a vision of times past and I honestly felt free for those few, rare moments. No storm could have shaken me from that feeling of liberation which essentially comes when the mind is not under probation, but stimulated by God’s marvels.

Earlier in the day I was re-contracted at my school without any hassle and was also formally accepted into the Applied Linguistics Master’s program (online) at the university that I really wanted to get into. Everything seems to be going right and I have no major storms in my life these days, except for struggling in my walk with God, which has had it’s ups and downs lately due to my failures. However, it’s days like this that I’m greatly reminded of God’s graciousness and love, and while it seems to be going well for me at the moment, I know it’s not going very well for various love ones and close friends of mine. I frequently feel like I don’t deserve God’s blessings and the first thing I desire to do is to share His blessings with those around me anyway I can, either through helping, encouraging, and/or through prayer. So as I relished this wonderful day between the storms, I thanked God for blessing me, and I also prayed, and I continue to pray for those I know going through tough times. May there be calm between the storms that crash themselves into our lives and ultimately help us to become stronger.

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