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2013 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Beginnings

One of my student assistants helping me

One of my student assistants helping me

After obtaining 18th place out of 150 Seoul Milk carton art projects last year and being rewarded 300,000won, I thought I’d take another crack at getting into the Top 12 this year. However, it all hasn’t been a smooth project so far. Several students and I prepared for several weeks at attempting to build a mock model of a specific 2014 Asian Games logo, but it served to be too difficult for the students to grasp, including myself at some points. While it would have been quite cool to complete the logo using a vast amount of milk cartons, it would have demanded so much of my time that I just don’t have these days and I would have had to be at my students’ side during the entire process.

Amid looking for a doable project, one of my students suggested that we build a giant guitar. Badda-bing! I immediately liked the idea and all concurred that it would be quite fun. In addition to a giant guitar, students suggested that we attach large wings to it and among other things that I’m still contemplating would add commendable aesthetic. While last year’s project was about 80% of my doing, this year the roles have changed as I’ve essentially left the majority of the ideas and work up to the students while I merely guide them in building it correctly.

Milk Carton Project

Milk Carton Project

With about 45 days to go before it’s due and only about 15% of the project built, there’s plenty of work that needs to be done with not much time left to do it. Therefore, I have my honest concerns about completing it on time. Although, just as it was necessary to do last year, I’ll have to stay after work until 10pm some days, in addition to spending several Saturdays at school constructing this thing in order to get it complete on time. However, unlike last year, students have taken on a major portion of the work, which relieves some of the pressure and gives me plenty of hope.

The next 45 days will be rough, but interesting and fun. I’m excited at what the final project will look like. Wish us luck!

One comment on “2013 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Beginnings

  1. Fern
    June 15, 2013

    I can’t wait to see that carton guitar. I’m sure it’s gonna look awesome! Cheer up everybody!!

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