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Rainbow Archway Project: Progress

After all holes were dug, bracing-stakes made, and posts cut to specific lengths, it was time to commence correctly bracing all posts in order to be later cemented into the ground. With posts cut at different lengths and meticulously spaced in order to create gradulated undulations throughout the archway, the process of bracing each at the desired length took some patience and technical skill. We ran into some snags and had to re-dig a few holes, but as I told my co-teacher, “Nothing ever goes as planned.” For instance, when attempting to dig the last several holes, we hit thick rhubarb and cement from a previous structure that must have been covered over with dirt decades ago. Without a jackhammer, large pickaxe, or sledgehammer, it took a bit of awhile to break through it using a shovel and a hammer. With a lack of professional tools on this project, I learned to absolutely love my hammer, and I consider it the best tool by far, hands down. Using a hammer to bust through thick concrete: priceless.

Once snags were handled, it was time get the project back underway…

Installing bracing-stakes and cementing posts in place

Installing bracing stakes

Installing bracing-stakes

Students topping off previously cemented holes with more cement

Level check and filling cement

Installing first arch-tops

Installation almost complete

Installation almost complete

The hard work is paying off as the archway looks pretty darn cool so far. However, I’m fairly exhausted. Teaching all day and then subsequently working construction all afternoon until dark has taken its toll. I’m excited at our progress so far, but what’s even better is that my students appear to be more excited than me. They’ve essentially put in the same amount of work and are delighted with how it’s turning out and can’t wait until it’s finished. I can’t wait either. Stay tuned…

One comment on “Rainbow Archway Project: Progress

  1. Glennda Hardin
    November 15, 2012

    Are your girls camera shy? I don’t see them…..

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