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It seemed like the weather cleared just for us. The celestial sky was as serene as could be amid the stroll to fulfilling the plan for my Small Group Bible Study “fun day.” The destination:  Ko Gyung Won’s Ceramics Workshop.

Ko Gyung Won –

Ko Gyung Won’s Ceramic Workshop

I was briefly sad that we’d have to vacate from such a harmonious and ethereal afternoon outside, however, we all would be quickly uplifted spending time together in solace and laughter while molding clay with our hearts and minds into something creative and tangible. Ko Gyung Won, our host and ceramics instructor/helper, was so very gracious and kind, and just having her around helped to create such a tranquil ambiance. Thus, it became a time where we received a hands-on education in ceramics, but also a subtle opportunity to learn more about one another. It was such an enchanting afternoon. It was enchanting not only because I was able to discern the strengthening of friendships through this experience together, but my own heart was also put at ease for awhile as doing anything art-related and spending time with good people tends to do that. It may not have shown, but I was at peace, and I was very reluctant to have to leave; I could have stayed there the entire day. Next time, I suppose.

Here are some photos from what I’d like to call our ‘ceramication’:

Group Photo with Ceramics Instructor

Janet and Irene picking out and examining what they’d like to create

Ceramics Instructer and Ara

Ara and Seongmin

Irene is focused

Seongmin, Ara, and Irene amid a funny moment.

Creating my sake-honey-milk bottle. Ha ha.

Seongmin is focused.

Janet is drawing and etching a design

Janet is focused while molding a clay vase.

Kevin and his Blue Cup

Our finished pieces before painting and glazing

Our “fun day” was definitely fun. After spending a joyous afternoon making ceramic pieces together, we went out to an all-you-can-eat meat buffet and then spent the evening playing exhilarating card games at nearby cafe. It was definitely a day to remember and I adamantly hope that this is not the last “fun day” my small group and I have together. I ultimately hope there is a next time…

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