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2012 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Completion

The final project day was unfortunately not as easy as pie. It started off by hearing that I must move the project from the gym to another location as soon as possible because an outside group will be using the gym for a talent show. First, this project is not that easy to move, second, someone had fumbled with the project, and third, I just moved it to the gym the day before from the science room that was suppose to be “unused” for a few weeks. However, the day after I was told that the science room was free for my using, I was told that students would be doing some special after-school sciences classes there, and thus, I was then offered the gym. As you can see, I was sort of getting the run-around. I understand that it’s the end of the semester and everything is last-minute and kind of up-in-the-air, but I was seriously perturbed about having to move this large project around in order to finish it and keep it one, steady place for a week or two so that the Seoul Milk “judges” can stop by the school and easily judge it.

My principal, who is so very kind and warm-hearted, felt really bad that I was forced to move my project again, and said that my English classroom would be the perfect place for it since I’m leaving tomorrow for a 2-week vacation and it will not be used. Normally my classroom gets used for a variety of after-school and weekend classes, including my own, but I was assured that there wouldn’t be any. Although, low and behold, amid almost finishing rearranging the project in my classroom, the Chinese language after-school teacher and her group of students stormed in wondering what I was doing there. My first thought was to have her move to another classroom, but ALL my school’s teachers were in an end-of-the-year meeting and I really did not want to bug my co-teacher about it; however, he later informed me I should have. So I just laughed, moved my project aside, and went to the teacher’s lounge to release my frustration. It wasn’t pretty.

I was haggard. It had been a tough day so far, and the sultry heat had begun to take it’s toll. I felt inklings of just giving up and I slightly expressed them to my co-teacher when he walked into the teacher’s lounge wondering why I was there. “We must finish,” he said.

After taking a deep breath, I questioned,”I took pictures yesterday. Is it necessary?”

I immediately regretted asking this question, as I fully well knew it was necessary, but I was just so damn tired.

“I will help you. We should add what you made today,” my c0-teacher said firmly.

“Okay.” And with knowledge that the Chinese teacher had vacated my classroom, my co-teacher and I went to the arrange the project.

Even though I grunted more than 80-85% of the work and was essentially the project work-horse throughout the last few months, I must say that my students and co-teacher fostered some great ideas to help with stable construction and easy-viewing, especially my co-teacher’s principal idea. My original plan was to use to white metal coat hangers to somehow prop up the “comets” circling the building, but my co-teacher came through with a genius idea of hanging them with fishing line using the already existing screws fastened into the ceiling panels. Not only was this idea a godsend, but also the fact that it was a godsend that I was essentially forced to move the project to my classroom where the ceiling rides low making this vital part of the project much more feasible and less time-consuming and frustrating than before. There are reasons for everything.

Well, although I cherish and love doing art, even to the point of staying at school until 10pm, if it wasn’t for the nudges and encouragement from my co-teacher and colleagues, a few of my students, and all you out there who gave inspiring words, this project would have never been finished in time. Thank you so much!

I’ll find out the Seoul Milk Contest results on August 21st and you all will be the first know. Wish me luck!

4 comments on “2012 Seoul Milk Carton Project: Completion

  1. Fern
    July 25, 2012

    Good luck, buddy!! It looks awesome!!!

  2. Brandy
    July 26, 2012

    Good job powering thru and keeping it together! Thinking of you releasing your frustration in the teacher’s lounge makes me wish I was there to squeeze it out w/ a giant bear hug!! XoXo

  3. Jieun
    July 26, 2012

    You did great job! Now you can have “a good burn busker” without any pressure.

  4. Carey
    July 28, 2012

    what is the thing with the red? a rocket launched?

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