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The Harmony of Spring

With springtime come spring flowers amid an array of other refreshing attributes that last for only several weeks before the dank, sultry summer days splashdown like an anchor, heavily burdening everyone with torrid thrashing thunderstorms and sweltering weather that unfavorably flood any opportunity for pleasant city strolls and mountainside picnics.

The general weather variation in South Korea is quite severe in some respects. Winters and summers are long and harsh, whereas typical spring & autumn weather is pleasant, yet supremely brief. Spring goes by so quickly that many wonder where it went, and it’s seems duly common for people to ask, “Where did all the flowers and cool breezes go?” Then they lay oppressed by the feverous summer until autumn majestically appears to temporary relieve their daily affliction while it rapidly transforms into the bitter, depressing winter. Then it’s asked, “Where did all the colorful leaves and cool breezes go?”

Koreans appear to have great reverence for spring. They recognize it’s delicate temporality and as a time to simply get together, more than any other time of year. There’s a rather noticeable, joyous disposition emanating from everyone these days, like their worries and burdens have been freely lifted away by the angels of spring. Couples hold hands and kiss in public more openly than ever before as if spring has reawakened their sensuality without trepidation. People appear to be less in a hurry and are not bickering over the last seat on the bus. Parks are full on weekends. Smiles and laughter abound.

After playing in a school volleyball tournament a few days ago, all teachers, including myself, got together and drove to Ganghwa Island in order to hike to a secluded spot near a buddhist temple where a specific tea plant grows this time of year. Many colleagues joyously participated in gathering handfuls of leaves, whereas others serenely embraced the peace and warmth of soothing sunlight peeking through the thick of the trees. It was fully evident that many where caught in an ethereal daydream once they were jolted back to reality, and it appears that this spring-time mountaintop experience has produced a lasting harmony that still resonates among them, including myself.

3 comments on “The Harmony of Spring

  1. Dennis
    April 19, 2012

    The weather in Korea sounds like Texas weather….ha!

  2. Fern
    April 19, 2012

    ahhh… how i’d love to see that with my own eyes.

  3. Marisol
    April 27, 2012

    It does sound like Texas weather. I came across your blog on the teacheslkorea website and was impressed with your Spanish as well. Como aprendiste el espanol?

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