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My Nephew

Exactly one month to the day after I departed the US to teach English in South Korea nearly 15 months ago, my sister gave birth to Sawyer and I officially became an uncle. It wasn’t until just a week ago that I returned for a visit and was actually able to meet and play with Sawyer face-to-face for the first time. My nephew is absolutely wonderful and it was so much fun watching and playing with him in Grandma’s backyard – a place that certainly fosters many fond memories from my own childhood.

With freedom to roam and play granted, oranges and dirt soon became Sawyer’s new best friends…

Sawyer 1

Sawyer 2

I want more oranges, please :o)

Grandma's Backyard

…In addition, Grandma’s “Miracle-Gro lemon”, the largest lemon I’ve ever seen.

Grandma's "Miracle-Gro lemon"

Sawyer and Grandma's "Miracle-Gro Lemon"

Sawyer and Grandma certainly had a great time, and it was a joy to see them together.

Grandma and Sawyer

Sawyer lauging while Grandma gives kisses

Grandma and Sawyer

It was great seeing him for the first time and I look forward to watching him grow. Who knows what he will become, perhaps a…

...professional football player?

One comment on “My Nephew

  1. hanacavana
    January 5, 2012

    OMG! He is so adorable! Anyway, that lemon is humongous!!

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