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13 Hours

Having had just pleasantly indulged my third Cactus Cooler and a plentiful bounty of authentic Mexican tamales starry-eyed with visions of IN N’ OUT burgers tomorrow, I remain steadfast and wide-awake like a night owl merely prowling amid the silence of the night awaiting to trounce the keyboard with an emancipation of thoughts that may later grant me much desired sleep. Although, while I’m vouchsafed with the indubitable luxury of being able to type away on my father’s 1996 Hewlett Packard, a noticeable sign he is still severely, yet perhaps blissfully behind-the-times, it unfortunately becomes an inconvenience for me when I have no place to plug in my camera SD Card. I can only laugh about it, really.

Despite being painfully jet-lagged with earaches, neck-aches, and a wide-range assortment of fluxing body-aches, I am cheerfully ready to take the perilous plunge back into the sea of americana and experience some previously deprived pleasantries for a short while. Some involve driving great distances to taste specialty beer & wine, others relate to visiting specific places I used to sit in solace and collect my thoughts, and then I’d say the majority proceed from spending quality time with family & friends, some of which I have not seen in many years.

And while I’ve noticed not much has changed in my hometown since my arrival nearly 13 hours ago, I know I will be entering into a state of temporal flux relating to the lives of family and friends whose lives have changed quite significantly since the last time I’ve seen them. And while this provides me with abundant joy to ascertain that great things have happened to all of them, being an avid traveler with the continuous desire to be on the move away from home, I feel that I’ve missed out on all the important things that have happened to them over the last several years. Ultimately, I always find it strikingly strange to enter back into proximity with a close friend that I have not seen a long time, as on the surface it appears not much has changed as if we had just seen each other yesterday, yet many dynamic circumstances have entered oblivious to a friendship that has lasted for over two decades. ‘Tis is life I suppose.

Now having it somewhat be a relief being away from the lugubrious bone-chilling winter in South Korea, I know that I must relish every opportunity in the California sun catching up among friends & family during Christmas time and beyond before I return on January 13th. It’s celebration time!

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This entry was posted on December 24, 2011 by in USA.

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