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Back to “the world”

Tired, hungry, and dirty after having just returned back to Korea from 3 weeks of traveling in India, my body yearned for a piping hot shower, some hearty Italian food, and a comfy bed. The piping hot shower was just at a push of a button; how convenient.

I was fairly weary and wanted to rest, but for some reason I couldn’t get any shuteye after the flight; thus, I decided to review my notes and photos from the trip while I waited to meet up with my friend Wynne for some scrumptious Italian food up the road. A multitude of fresh thoughts were voraciously roaming through my mind eagerly awaiting their promulgation, but there were so many that I found it difficult to snatch a single idea and focus upon it.

I just needed to breathe. I just needed to let myself relax for a moment and not think of anything. And the next thing I knew I was grabbing the only two things that were left in my refrigerator before leaving for India : a can of peaches and an apple soda.

Perhaps all I needed was some sugar because I immediately felt great and began jotting down a myriad of ideas after gobbling up the peaches and gulping down the soda. For the next several hours I organized my ideas and experiences into something I simply called the “India Blog Series.” Frankly, not one single blog can sum up all my thoughts and experiences concerning India, therefore after much thought and mental deliberation, I’ve decided to spread them out over 7 blog articles that I will publish consecutively during the next few weeks:

*    From Delhi With Grief

*    The Gift

*    Down and Out in Udaipur City

*    The Monsoon Bazaar

*    Mumbai – Not a Love Story

*    Eat, Pray, Goa

*    The Last Impression

India has left footprints on my conscience that I plan to step back into in order to deliver my thoughts and experiences in as much detail as possible. In addition to having a multitude of interesting and great experiences throughout India, I also experienced an overall awakening that I hope can be conveyed through these blogs. So as I quickly get acclimated back to “the world” where a piping hot shower is just at a push of a button, I will be keeping myself busy writing these blogs up with hopes you all continue to follow along. Namaste!

3 comments on “Back to “the world”

  1. fernanada
    August 20, 2011

    !AHOY! to the “The Monsoon Bazaar”; just can’t wait!

  2. your sister
    August 21, 2011

    anxiously awaiting!

    • Adelia Graham
      August 22, 2011

      Let the Healing Begin!!! Mom

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