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A Farewell to the Morning Calm

It feels like the end of summer camp when all the friends I’ve come to enjoy and get to know must return home and go their separate ways wherever they may be. Moments like these were always bittersweet; sweet in the memories and good times that were created all summer long, and bitter in the fact that summer always seemed to come to an abrupt end when it felt like it was just beginning. There was no Facebook back then, only the quick scribbling of each others’ distant addresses, and if someone special, their phone number as well. Information was reciprocally given with the promise to call or write as soon as possible, but sooner or later, and almost regrettably, losing touch just sort of happened. I’d write a few letters, and on the rare occurrence if I was lucky, I’d receive a reply. Upon receiving a reply I would become so elated that heaven would hear my cheers, especially if the reply was from a girl I really liked. However, like most long-distance friendships and relationships conceived during those young adolescent years, the walls of reality would soon come crashing down impeding any suitable manner for keeping in touch or maintaining a relationship; not to mention that once school started up again, old friends would be reunited and new friends would be made rather naturally and quickly, and those summer friends and girlfriends would be soon forgotten.

It feels like a summer camp has ended as there has been a mass exodus of us fellow English teachers this last month that I feel that I’ve just gotten to know, with many more due to come. Some of them had lived in the same building as me, some in other cities, but I had befriended all and enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them. These last 7 1/2 months spent in Korea have been magnificent, and if not for these particular friends, my tenure thus far may not have been so sweet; although, just like summer camp, the bitter part is when we all must depart one another. ‘Tis is life…

Friends come in out of our lives. Some may stay for just a short time, whereas others may stay and will always stand by through a wide-range of circumstances in order to not break contact. Facebook surely helps with that these days, but as with many of my friends I made throughout college, during my time in Spain, Texas, and among other travels, growing apart still occurs despite haphazardly staying in contact, and there is not much one can tell one another after awhile except for nostalgically discussing good times shared together in the past. The strong bond of lasting friendship can still be present despite long distances, but only with some friends, as with many, that true, definable, deep bond may not have had a chance to develop or was never even there. Again, ’tis is life…

So as many of my friends have said their farewell to the “Land of the Morning Calm,” new persons have traveled from all over the world to fill their shoes; thus, the chance to get to know someone new arises and the opportunity to continue developing a lasting friendship with old friends is still achievable.

Cheers to new friends!

One comment on “A Farewell to the Morning Calm

  1. Brandy
    May 25, 2011

    I miss you, Paul. I don’t usually comment, but am always eager to read your new posts. Went to Chico last week. Drive past our old house. Definitely good times. You will never be far from my thoughts, despite the distance. I look forward to seeing you again and for you to meet my baby girl, Mable. Much love your way, XoXo.

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This entry was posted on May 24, 2011 by in South Korea.

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