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Rooftop Nightview of Sau-dong

The aubergine nightsky was a stellar sight to see and it was necessary for me to stop and utterly muse in awe without demurral. Nights like this don’t just come and go as they please, they are beautiful, special, noteworthy, and not to be taken lightly; although, not only should they be valued for their aesthetic significance, but also for the time afforded to enjoy them with a good comany of friends who share similar virtues.

It was 5:45pm when I received a call from Zsa Zsa informing me about the first rooftop social of the year. I was at the gym ready to endure a strenuous workout, but the tredmills and weights quickly lost their allure and I returned home without breaking a sweat. Without missing a beat, I opened the door to my apartment, tossed my bookbag on the bed, grabbed a few bags of chips and light beers, and swiftly headed out the door and up one more flight of stairs to the roof where several friends were already munching on chicken and enjoying the view.

Aerial View of the first-comers

Turkey, chicken, sausage, salad, snacks, beer, wine, and thanks to Wassim, we even had a little from our friend Johnnie Walker. It must also be mentioned that thanks to Jason, we had some real sausage from England that was truly a scrumptious delight.



The gigantic swarms of voracious mosquitos and the thick, unrelenting humidity have not arrived just yet, but are due to come soon,  so it was supremely advantageous of us to take the time and have a rooftop social. In spite of this, the feeling of the warm spring day had slowly fizzled away into a rather continuous, brisk breeze.

Wait a minute, I thought Canadians could handle the cold.

Despite the chilly weather, the wine and laughter kept us warm for a quite a bit longer.

Laughing the night away

Wine & good company bring on the laughs

Magnum! Okay Wynne, you promise to watch ZOOLANDER now?

When it got just a little too cold and Mina attempted to snatch blankets…

It's cold! Give me that blanket!

…we decided to take the party inside by heading two stories down and packing into Zsa Zsa’s apartment.

Please remember to take off your shoes

Tonight's Entertainment : Zsa Zsa and her Animated Stories

What soon followed was a montage of hilarious stories told and performed by Zsa Zsa that persistently roused our interest the rest of the evening.

Nikki avidly focused on Zsa Zsa's storytelling

It’s truly nights like these that I remember the most – when the beautiful sky, already sublime, can seranade us with its array of celestial colors while joyfully laughing the night away with good friends amid conversations and wine.

2 comments on “ROOFTOPPERS

  1. Dan
    April 2, 2011

    I love hanging out on the rooftop in Korea! Good work Paul! Our new apartment’s rooftop in Gwangju that we’re renting already has a patio table and chairs, BBQ, as well as a fantastic folding umbrella/tent!

  2. rachelshae
    April 7, 2011

    ahh so THESE are the rooftop parties you spoke of! Looks grand!

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