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Chan’s Guesthouse and Friends

This hostel was so much fun! My glorious time in Busan could not have been possible without my awesome stay at Chan’s Guesthouse in Haeundae Beach. Aptly situated amid Haeundae market and just a few blocks from the shores, sands, and sensational sunset of Haeundae Beach, I’d definitely recommend this India-inspired hostel for anyone planning to visit Busan, wishing to stay close to the beach for a low price, and/or having the chance to meet some friendly travelers. I hear it books fast during the summer, so please plan ahead.

Chan's Guesthouse Social Area

Kitchen & Social Area

"We Live on Planet Earth"

Haeundae Beach Market

Haeundae Beach Sunset - "Enlightened One"

The staff was super friendly and very helpful when I wished to ascertain information about popular sites and things to do. In fact, when I arrived, I was in a lot of pain as my back and shoulders had a multitude of knots that were tugging and pulling nerves every which way. “Genie”, Mr. Chan’s good friend who was running the hostel while he was away, saw that I was aggravated when I grimaced several times during our first discussion of my stay. After discovering the cause of my persistent pain, “Genie” explained that he practices Tai Chi and was a massage therapist for many years. He then offered to relieve my back and shoulder pain before I got situated at the hostel. I was a little hesitant at first, but my pain did not let me refuse.

Ten minutes later, all pain had dissipated. It was like magic. I then shook Genie’s hand in thanks and then prepared my things for my wonderful stay at Chan’s Guesthouse.

Cool Indian lightcover

My room

Social Area & Lockers

This hostel made it very easy to meet travelers who became instant friends.

Sharing travel stories during my first night over chicken & beer. These cool fellas would bounce to Gwangju the following morning.

Park He Shin was very cool girl who is from Korea, but now lives in Beijing. I had a chance to hang with her and many others during several evenings. She generously offered to show me around Beijing if I were ever to visit. Perhaps this summer...

Roommate ponders trip throughout Busan...

During my third day and the late-night soccer match between South Korea and Uzbekistan, many new faces showed up and we all had a blast.

Ivan, Park Changjeong, and H. Lee. We all had a great time at Chan's Guesthouse!

"Genie" watches South Korea vs Uzbekistan soccer match

Celebrating South Korea's victory over Uzbekistan at 1:30am

After the South Korea vs Uzbekistan soccer match, we played Korean drinking games with what beer, soju, and soda we had left over. All of us were slightly buzzed, nothing serious, but it was just enough to let the laughs roll. Good times indeed!

Sponge Bob Ivan

Michelle downing soju+cider during Korean drinking game

Then somehow we all started doing Tae Kwon Do demonstrations in the social area and my new friends were amazed at what I could do.

H. Lee's Tae Kwon Do presentation

Talk to the Foot!

Changjeong's presentation needs some work...

Group photo time!

Chan's Guesthouse Group Shot at 4am. So fun!

Sleepy time…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:30am... Michelle was out like a light

A few hours later…

Peace out!

Chan’s Guesthouse & Haeundae Beach are definitely on my agenda for summer. Let the good times roll!

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